Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Just Like Riding A Bike . . .

with 20 pound sand bags strapped to either side of your behind that you weren't wearing last time you took the Schwinn for a spin. Yes. After a 3 year mommy hiatus, it wasn't easy for me either girls--but it felt good (if you're not to the "felt good" place in your happy hearts yet, read on).

Every muscle, every concept, every stretch and pull reminded my body of what it used to be, what it longs for and what it has craved for these years--a return to connectivity and acknowledgment. Like well-loved doll laid down from care and play one day, found years later, as precious and beautiful as in the store window, only now in need of redressing, coiffing and sunlight.

My body has responded to the dusting off. I know because my abdominal muscles shared thoughts with me as I rose from the bed this morning. I also heard from my quads and glutes on my way down the stairs. Reaching for the coffee cup on the top shelf, my shoulders answered to the roll call. Getting in to the car, my abs went on about it some more and of course, they punctuated their commentary as I emerged from the car.

If your muscles are responding to you similarly this morning, my lovely girls, I ask you to think about how you might respond to being rousted awake in the middle of a deep sleep.

First, you may be disoriented.
Then, you might smoosh your face at whomever dared stir you.
And, if you then discover that it's only 5 am and you were waiting for the "wake-up call".

You might sass back and grumble for a few minutes before you begin appreciating the day.

A sunrise is captivating, isn't it?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Changeover . . .

This blog used to be a rambling pad where many of "the gang" used to peek in and see what was up and happening in Anya's eternally maternal world of Lucy Ricardo-Griswold flavored adventures. Scroll back through and get a taste if you like.

The next post, and it will be in a matter of hours or days, I'll be introducing Anya's bum shrinking play-by-play. Something like "The Biggest Loser" but not the same sort of double entendre. Loser? No. Not loser. How about defrag & hard reboot for bellydancers?

No False Advertising! The belly & bum you see on is the same one underneath Anya's post-partum chub.

Stay tuned here for the first episode in the series.

Ethel Mertz: Gee, this high altitude sure gives me an appetite.
Fred Mertz: What's your excuse at sea level?