Thursday, January 01, 2009

Press Play to Start

Who hasn't said, "After the first of the year, I'm going to start . . . "? After so much strife in America this past year, we all seem to want to "start" something. Reboot, or even wipe the hard drive clean and rebuild.

The beginning of each year always brings an influx of enthusiastic women who want to 'go ahead and take bellydance' usually because 'it's just always something I've wanted to try/do'. If they're been local (or a student of mine) for any amount of time, they've invariably been to see Zaina Ali perform at Tasso's Greek Restaurant which only adds gas to their curious spark.

To the spectator, bellydance is sparkling and mysterious, delightful and dazzling. As a student or instructor, it is an introduction to areas of self that are surprising.

To brew a song through the soul with complete command and awareness of every place in the body that the spirit resides . . . this is one face of bellydance.

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